Austrian Plant Phenotyping Network

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APPN Workshop on Multispectral 3D Plant Imaging


Download: PHENOSPEX PlantEye F500 flyer

Download: PHENOSPEX PlantEye F500

Download: PHENOSPEX presentation

Download: PHENOSPEX data analysis


Post-workshop survey:

Welcome to your APPN Multispectral 3D Scan Workshop Feedback

Judging from your participation, how satisfied were you with the content of the workshop (i.e. information provided and relevance for you)?

In your opinion, was the workshop able to deliver the content of the subject matter in an appropriate and clear manner?

Was the workshop able to meet your expectations?

How do you judge the organization of the workshop (i.e. organizational instructions and support, timing of sessions and breaks, space, etc.)?

Were you able to observe the practical component of the workshop content, in terms of relevance for your field of work? Please specify.

On a scale of 1(lowest) to 5 (highest), how do you judge the overall increase of your knowledge on multispectral 3D plant imaging?

In general, how useful was this workshop for you (please rate on scale from 1(lowest) to 5 (highest))?

Considering the fact that the calibration mode was clearly not suited for small plants, how do you judge the quality of the generated data?

If the VBCF PlantS Facility would offer the F500 scanning service in the future (non-profit, fee-for-service model, joint grant applications), could you imagine using this service?

Which F500 calibration mode would suit your needs the best? (multiple answers possible)
In conclusion, what do you think was well done and where do you see room for improvement to improve the quality of future workshops?